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Dear fellow business owner, entrepreneur, and/or service professional,

Ever get tired of the rat race of trying to find new clients/customers month after month? Ever get frustrated that your revenues are consistently inconsistent—up one month, down the next? Or ever find yourself wondering, “Why does this have to be this hard?

If you have, that’s okay. I get that. But what if …

  • What if it didn’t have to be so hard?
  • What if you could create a client attraction process that could literally draw all the clients and customers you want to your business … and do so for years to come?
  • What if you could put in place a marketing process that could consistently and predictably bring the kind of revenue to your business that you desire in order that you could live the lifestyle you long for?
  • What if you could design a system that would actually draw potential clients to you so that they were contacting you instead of the reverse?
  • And/or what if that system made sure you were only attracting more of your ideal clients—i.e. the ones you enjoy working with, pay you more, get better results, and complain less?

Well, guess what?  You’re about to learn how all of that could all be true for you!

So, if you’re reading this and you’re…

  • Tired of the feast-or-famine client attraction cycle
  • Frustrated that your current marketing efforts aren’t producing the kinds of results you want, and
  • Ready to make a change to something better

Then I’d encourage you to keep reading this letter about my proprietary seven-step client attraction process that I teach my clients because I’m absolutely confident that if you apply what I share in this course, you will completely change the way you do business.

Moreover, once you have this system in place, not only will your business grow faster, you’ll be making more money, and you’ll be having a bigger impact on a larger number of people.

Enter the “Attract More Clients Like Clockwork System

As you know, one of the major problems that most small businesses have is that their top line revenue number has no consistency to it. It’s up one month, down the next. Why? Because most small businesses have no consistent marketing system in place.

Note: Since everything is a system, every business has a marketing system in place, even if the system is no marketing or occasional marketing or when I think about it marketing or when I have no cash marketing.

So, it’s not that small businesses don’t have a marketing system in place, it’s that it’s not an intentional, systematic one that produces the kinds of results necessary to fulfill the primary entrepreneurial dream of having massive amounts of cash in the bank!

In order to correct this problem, I’ve spent the past seven years, working with a wide variety of clients in a wide variety of businesses, developing a step-by-step process that any small business owner, entrepreneur or service professional can use to attract as many clients as they want to handle so that they could achieve all the success they want!

That seven-step process has, over the years, morphed into what I now call the “Attract More Clients Like Clockwork” system. And it works!

Our Sales Quadrupled in the First 12 Months

Within the first twelve months of working with Bruce, our sales quadrupled and we hit our year-end goal by July. Bruce’s approach helped us to focus, make better strategic choices, and forced us to hold ourselves accountable for our success. Without a doubt, Bruce has been the BEST investment for our business.”

Stan and Jessica Barsch, Owners
The Barsch Team Realty

So How’s The “Attract More Clients Like Clockwork” System Designed

AMCLC iMac imageThe Attract More Clients Like Clockwork System is a seven module sequential course and process. In other words, you start with step one and then move to step two. To do step two without doing step one is where problems creep in (and where most small business marketing problems start).

In fact, one of the major problems with most small business marketing efforts is that the owner (or the person in charge of marketing) will often skip to steps three or four. For example, a business owner will hear that  a marketing tactic (like social media) is the way to go these days. So, they’ll jump right into social media.

However, that makes no sense if they’re not thinking like a marketer (step one) or if they haven’t done the strategic work of creating their competitive advantages (part of step two) or if they don’t have their marketing attraction tools in place (step three).

That’s why the Attract More Clients Like Clockwork system is designed the way it is as a sequential process. Why? Because if the prior steps aren’t in place and executed correctly, everything that’s attempted afterwards has less of an impact than it could have had.

That said, here are the seven steps/modules of the Attract More Clients Like Clockwork system.

Step 1: Think Like a Marketer, Not an Expert

Module 1 is one of my favorite modules because very few people talk about it—even though it’s the foundation upon which everything else is built because what we do is always influenced by what we believe.

So, if you don’t think correctly about something, you won’t execute that thing correctly (i.e. if you don’t think like a marketer, when you go to write copy for your website, the copy you write will be all about you and your expertise—which will seriously hamper your ability to attract more clients).

That said, here are a few things you’ll learn in Module 1

  • The number one mistake most business owners make whenever they try to market anything
  • How to talk about what you do so that it compels prospects to contact you
  • Why a one-step marketing process doesn’t work
  • Why you need concrete marketing data to radically ratchet up your sales conversions
  • Why it’s critical that you give away your best ideas
  • Why what you think is irrelevant
  • The #1 issue you need to focus your marketing content on if you want an avalanche of new clients
  • The one thing everyone wants. If you learn to give this to them, you’ll have more customers than you can imagine
  • And so much more!

Step 2: Design a Winning Marketing Strategy

Module 2 is all about doing the hard work of thinking strategically. I’m a business growth strategist so I love module (and step) 2 because it doesn’t matter how fast you’re going, if you’re not headed in the right direction. Strategy is all about where you’re headed. Tactics are all about how to get there.

So, it doesn’t make any sense to talk about marketing tactics—if the strategy is all wrong. However, once you have the right strategy in place, then the right marketing tactics will become clear. For example, if you want to reach CEOs, Twitter is probably not your best marketing tactic (since the vast majority of CEOs have no time for Twitter). Whereas, using a referral strategy (maybe using Linkedin) would be far more effective. In other words, the who (a strategy question) determines the what (a tactics question).

That said, here are a few things you’ll learn in Module 2

  • Five questions you must ask to clearly define your ideal client
  • Why you must narrow down your target market (and how to do that)
  • How to position your business as the obvious provider of choice for the prospects in your target market
  • How to create an Ideal Customer Profile that should influence all of your marketing efforts and copy
  • How to design a product and/or service funnel that will draw more clients to you and your business
  • How to package your products and services for higher transactional values
  • The three questions you should ask yourself (and/or you and your team) every week
  • And so much more!

Step 3: Develop the Right Marketing Attraction Tools

The elements of Module 3 are critical to establish BEFORE you start trying to attract more clients because if you don’t have the right attraction tools in place, every effort you will be sub-optimized (i.e. you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot).

For example, it still amazes me in this day and age how many businesses and especially service professionals, don’t have a website. Or they have a website that they created in 2005. Or their copy is all focused on them and not their prospects. Or they have “upcoming” events that were upcoming in 2009. Or they still have pages that are “under construction” years later.

Any reasonably smart person, thinking about doing business with a person or company, does their due diligence. And the first thing they’re going to do is Google you and your business— and then check out your website. If they can’t find a website. Or if the copy is terrible. Or if the look at feel “feels dated.” Or if the “upcoming” dates are from years ago, do you think any smart intelligent person would use you or your business?  Of course not. And websites are only one of a significant number of marketing attraction tools available.

Getting these right, BEFORE you start trying to attract more new clients/customers is critical if you want to continually attract a higher number of well-qualified prospects to your business.

That said, here are a few things you’ll learn in Module 3

  • The 6 kinds of credibility authenticators you need to add to your marketing efforts
  • How to triple the number of client testimonials you receive
  • How to write more compelling copy so that it draws more of your ideal customers to you
  • The four kinds of back office systems you must have in place if you want to automate and optimize your client attraction efforts
  • Why you need to upgrade you and your materials if you want to attract more  ideal clients and customers to your business
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing attraction tools
  • How to put a lead capture system in place before you start trying to attract more clients like clockwork
  • And so much more!

Step 4: Generate More Qualified Leads

Once the first three steps are taken care of, it’s time to start generating leads. But not just any kind of lead, you want qualified leads who can turn into viable prospects and eventually, clients/customers.

Which is why, in Module 4, you’ll learn how to create an automated lead generation machine, that, when combined with campaigns and the 6M’s, will deliver you an avalanche of new leads.

So, here are a few things you’ll learn in Module 4

  • The six questions you need to ask before you start any marketing campaign (the 6M’s of marketing)
  • How to create marketing campaigns that deliver significant lead flow
  • The 10 different marketing strategies you can use to generate more leads and how to decide which ones to use
  • How to move from being invisible to visible in your target market
  • The one key phrase that can triple your referrals
  • What you should and shouldn’t do when attending a networking event
  • How to turn every speaking engagement into a lead generating machine
  • How to link a series of disconnected marketing tactics into a cohesive integrated system that can drive an avalanche of new leads to your business
  • And so much more!

Step 5: Demonstrate More Value

As you’ll learn in Module 1, one-step marketing doesn’t work. No one gets married on the first date. Which is why smart marketers make follow-up one of the key prongs of their marketing strategy.

However there are a lot of mistakes business owners and service providers make when it comes to this subject, which is why in Module 5, you’re going to learn how to avoid them.

That said, here are a few things you’ll learn in Module 5

  • How to quadruple your sales
  • How to piggyback off of others to drive more credibility and value
  • How to automate your follow up and turn it into a powerful keep-in-touch strategy
  • How to properly sequence your follow up content and offers
  • Why you need to keep moving the freeline
  • Why you should give away your best ideas
  • How to write a whole autoresponder series in a day
  • And so much more!

Step 6: Convert More Prospects

Once you do the first five steps right, you should have a whole slew of new qualified prospects who are eager and read to buy. But just because they’re ready, doesn’t mean you’ll land the deal. There is a proper structure to a sales conversation that needs to be in place or else you’ll end up with a lot fewer sales than you could have had.

Which is why, in Module 6, we’ll take a look at how to change the way you have conversations with your ideal customers in order that you’ll be able to convert them at a much higher percentage.

Some of the content we’ll cover in Module 6 will be …

  • How to make your offers more irresistible
  • How to stop selling and yet end up selling more (i.e. how to not be slimy)
  • The five primary reasons buyers buy—and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage
  • How to pre-qualify who is worthy of your time investment
  • How to structure your sales conversation and the three things you want to build that conversation around
  • How to build trust quickly
  • The #1 thing you don’t want to talk about during a sales conversation
  • And so much more!

Step 7: Deliver More Than You Promise

Once the sale is complete, the work has just begun. This is when you want to raise the game and over-deliver so that you can develop a whole team of raving fans who will then become a huge part of your marketing system.

Think of it this way, would you rather be the one trying to attract all the clients possible to your business? Or would you rather have hundreds or thousands of customers/clients out there recruiting other people to your business for you?

Most business owners and service professionals don’t get this. The first sale is good, but it’s the repeat business and the referrals that really drive rapid growth. Which is why Module 7 is all about customer service and delighting your clients so they drive your client attraction process even more than you do.

In light of that, some of the content we’ll cover in Module 7 will be …

  • What causes 80% of customer service problems
  • My five-step process for consistently WOWing your customers
  • Why you can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and expect to WOW your clients
  • How to turn your clients into raving fans
  • The 6 primary ways businesses lose customers
  • How to manage every touch point with your customers
  • How to do service recovery right
  • How to move from customer service to customer delight
  • Why you have to care about the little things
  • The #1 secret to creating more customer love
  • And so much more!

So What Do I Get With My Attract More Clients Like Clockwork System?

AMCLC iMac imageWhen you decide to invest in yourself and your business by purchasing my Attract More Clients Like Clockwork system, you’re going to get the following

  • Seven Webinar Sessions – Over the course of 7 weeks, I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to do to completely transform your client attraction process so that your business is literally wired to attract more clients like clockwork. Moreover, you won’t just be listening. You’ll actually be creating a whole new marketing plan over the course of these seven sessions.
  • The Complete Video Recordings of the seven sessions. In other words, you can either watch the video recordings online any time you want—or you can download them if you prefer, which means you can go back and review any part of the course you want, any time you want—for years on end! Note: There are over 10 and a half hours of video for these seven sessions.
  • The Complete Audio Recordings. If you prefer to listen to the seven core sessions on audio while driving or working out, no problem. We’ve got you covered there as well.
  • The Attract More Clients Like Clockwork Action Guide. This is worth its weight in gold. You’ll get both a PDF and a MS Word version of the Attract More Clients Like Clockwork Action Guide that will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a marketing system that can deliver clients for you, as if on demand.
  • The Attract More Clients Like Clockwork Templates. In addition to the Action Guide, I’ve created a ton of templates and worksheets for you to use to grow your business, which you can use over and over again, year after year, whenever you’re getting ready to attract more clients to your business.

Turned a $2.7M Loss Into Profits in 12 Months

I like to call Bruce my ‘secret weapon.’ Because he’s such a great strategic thinker, leader, facilitator, team builder, teacher and CEO coach, he played a key role in helping us turn our credit union around from a $2.7M loss one year to a profitable one the next. Plus, he’s such a great guy and sounding board that I never saw him as just a consultant, I saw him as a friend.”

Rick Wieczorek, CEO
Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union

What’s the Investment for Attract More Clients Like Clockwork?

The better question is, “What would attracting an avalanche of new clients to your business be worth to you?” In other words, if you could design a marketing system that drew an avalanche of new ideal clients/customers to your business (and then executed it) so that it doubled your business, how much additional revenue would accrue to your income statement? A $100K? $250K? $500K? $1M? $2.5M? More?

If you could finally break through the feast-or-famine client attraction cycle that you’ve experienced in the past and get on a rapidly accelerating growth curve, what would that mean to you? Your family? Your future?

In other words, when you begin to think in terms of the value/results of a marketing system like Attract More Clients Like Clockwork, you begin to realize it’s worth a lot. But don’t worry, you won’t have to hand over your first born or even an arm or a leg to get access to the Attract More Clients Like Clockwork course. Why? Because I want you, and as many business owners as possible, to have access to this marketing attraction process!

Helped Me Have My Best Year Ever

“Bruce is a well-spring of proven and creative approaches to business development and expansion. During the past year, he’s inspired me and, at times, pushed me to take the steps needed to bring my business to the next level. His enthusiasm and focus are contagious, he has the highest standards of integrity, he helped me have my best year ever, and he’s become both a trusted advisor and valued friend.”

Aaron Ghais, Attorney and Equity Partner
Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy, and Ecker

So here’s what you’re going to get when you invest in the Attract More Clients Like Clockwork system

Seven Webinar Sessions – where I walk you, step-by-step, through the
entire process of creating a client attract system that delivers more of your
ideal clients, as if on demand
The Complete Video Recordings – of the entire course with lifetime access      $197
The Complete Audio Recordings – again, with lifetime access
The Attract More Clients Like Clockwork Action Guides      $97
The Attract More Clients Like Clockwork Templates and Worksheets
Total Value    $1,167






But, don’t worry. You’re not going to have to invest $1,167. Nor even $697. Nor even


which is what this course will eventually cost. Instead, since I want to get this client attraction process into as many small business owners’ hands as possible, I’ve decided to discount Attract More Clients Like Clockwork to just


(or three payments of $99)

That’s right. For just $297 you can get access to a process that can literally double your business (if you implement it)—which is a steal! Plus, since my rates vary from $250/hr. to $5,000/hr. you can’t find a better deal.


But wait, it gets better. In addition to all of the above, I’m going to give you two additional bonuses just for taking action fast and for taking advantage of this launch of Attract More Clients Like Clockwork.

  • Two Bonus Q&A calls –  At weeks 5 and 9, I’m going to offer two bonus Q&A calls so that you can ask your own questions about the whole process. Value $197
  • The audio recording of my Make it Remarkable talk given at Citigroup. If you want your business to grow rapidly, then you’ve got to be remarkable and offer remarkable products and services. This talk will pave the way for that to happen. Value $29

Helped My Company Go from “Accidental Success” To Massive Success

bill-becker,jpg“Until I heard Bruce speak, my company was an “accidental success”. But Bruce inspired me to stop working “for” my business and start working “on” my business. The results have been dramatic. During one of the worst economic periods in our lifetime, especially as the owner of a small business, our company has added employees, developed and deployed new solutions, started mentoring a junior management team, and really created a sustainable business that will continue to grow, even when I’m not in the office! Thank you Bruce for showing me the light, and helping me reach new heights! I strongly recommend him to help you accelerate the growth of your business!”

Bill Becker, CEO
Recordsforce and Be Productive Systems

Helped Me Grow My Business So We’re Consistently in the Top 10% of Our Industry

amir“Bruce not only helped me to start my business, he has been my consultant and advisor since then. His advice is always useful and insightful. His recommendations are easy to implement and very valuable. He has great knowledge and skills in marketing, finance, strategy, leadership and business operations. And the result is that my annual revenue and profitability are consistently in the top 10% of my industry, thanks to Bruce.”

Amir Rashidian
Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic Clinic


So, what are you waiting for? If you want the best chance of creating a client attraction machine that can deliver you from the feast-or-famine cycle and make your business dreams come true, then click the “Add to Cart” button below

Or click here if you’d prefer the 3-pay option of $99 x 3

If you need a quick review, here’s what you’re going to get in the Attract More Clients Like Clockwork course on how to systematically create an avalanche of new leads and prospects for your business and then turn them into paying clients and raving fans.

  • Seven Webinar Sessions that will lead me step-by-step through creating a client attraction machine (Value = $697)
  • A complete set of video recordings of this course with lifetime access (Value = $97)
  • A complete set of audio recordings of this entire course (Value = $97)
  • Both a PDF and a MS Word version of the Attract More Clients Like Clockwork Action Guide (Value = $97)
  • A whole slew of templates and worksheets to help me create a new marketing machine for my business (Value = $97)
  • Two BONUS Q&A calls (Value = $197). And
  • A BONUS mp3 recording of Bruce’s Make it Remarkable talk (Value = $29)

For a total value of $1,411 which I get for this special introductory price of just $297

Or click here if you’d prefer the 3-pay option of $99 x 3

Finally, if you’re wondering if we have a guarantee for the Attract More Clients Like Clockwork course, here it is (i.e. we take all the risk off of you and put it on us).

If at any time during the first 90 days you don’t feel like the Attract More Clients Like Clockwork marketing system delivers what we promised, then simply contact us for a full refund, no questions asked.

As we asked before, what are you waiting for? If you want to turn the next twelve months into your best year ever, you have to have a great marketing attraction process in place. And not just any kind of marketing plan, you need one can actually produce clients as if on demand. So, to finally get that kind of system in place in your business, just click the following “Add to Cart” button and you’ll be on your way to creating the business and life you long for.

The next 60 days, starting today, have the potential to really change your business and your fortune for years to come. The only question is, “Will you take advantage of this opportunity?” I certainly hope so!

Or click here if you’d prefer the 3-pay option of $99 x 3

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Note: If you have any trouble registering, just send me an email at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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